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Stipple Ceiling Removal : What you need to know.

Stippled Ceiling Removal
Removing the stippled ceiling texture

Stippled ceiling, or popularly known as popcorn ceiling, is a textured-finished ceiling that you may see in many homes. This type of ceiling is popular on one hand, and the construction cost is lower on the other. Any drywall contractor could do a stipple ceiling, no doubt. Experience does not matter. Because the slap brush finish creates the textured paint job for us. And, it creates depth and hides the imperfections. On the other hand, a flat ceiling gives the room a better look. For the reason that people like you look for a stipple ceiling removal contractor, so your ceiling should look great!


Can you do the stippled ceiling removal by yourself?

Yes, you can do the stippled ceiling removal by yourself. However, you would need some patience and effort. First, send some samples from the ceiling to a Lab who will perform the asbestos-free test. If you get passed, then okay; you can proceed. However, if it does not then stop. You must not proceed. You cannot do this by yourself.

What are the steps?

For stippled ceiling removal, different people follow different procedures. Here, what we recommend:

  1. Remove anything from the room, keep the window open for outdoor airflow, cover the floor with cloths.
  2. Pick 4 by 4-foot section of the ceiling and apply water using spray, and wait for 15-20 minutes to let the water absorb into the ceiling
  3. Use floor scraper to remove the texture. Be careful if you hit the drywall.
  4. Pick another 4 by 4-foot section and repeat steps 2 and 3. Continue these steps for the entire ceiling.
  5. Apply a light coat of drywall mud, or use a towel to remove any uneven areas.
  6. Wait until the ceiling gets dry and then apply a coat of primer. And, wait! Now is the time to paint, and if you know how to paint, go ahead.

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