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Drywall Contractor in Ottawa and in St. John’s

Drywall Contractor in Ottawa, ON and in St. John’s N.L

Looking for a drywall contractor either in Ottawa, ON, or in St. John’s N.L to work on your stipple or Popcorn ceiling, and when you reach Jamie, you have reached the right person.

Whether it is Popcorn Ceiling Removal, Knocking down the Ceiling, Taping and Mudding, Sanding, or Painting, Jamie is just a call away! Moreover, he has experience as a Drywall Contractor in Canada for over 25 years.

Take a minute and start reading this page if you find Jamie on Google, Bing or in Yahoo search. In fact, Jamie does all of his own work by himself and he will bring his 25 years of experience into your home. In addition,  he is a non-smoking non-drinking family man.

The business has been running on conduct. To be very specific, if Jamie makes an appointment then he will be there.

Award and Accreditation!

Jamie won the Best Award Winner 2019 from the HomeStars

Please feel free to Contact Jamie if you have issues with your drywall. He is available at 613-882-6799 (Ottawa), or 709-749-0939 (St. John’s). Or, send email to

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Drywall Contractor in St. John's

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